First steps: week 4

Dear all!

This week we learn about interrogative pronouns like who, why, what and when. There are just 6 exercises this week to help you get used to these first set of pronouns before we add some more next week. Here are the sentences:

A word about passive listening. Passive means that you do NOT really listen to the words. It means to turn the volume low enough that you can think of something else. Play with that border. Turn the MP3 player a little louder and consciously listen to the words. Then turn it down, run a mantra in your mind, do something else, completely ignore the Telugu sentences played in the background. There is a subtle shift when the mind begins to let go. This is the shift you are after. This is the point where the subconscious mind can take over.

Please still listen to you feelings. When you are playful and eager to do more, you are on the right track. When you feel annoyed, disturbed, irritated, turn it off. It is that balance that is still very important. We only accept the new while we are open.

Have a good time!